Why Are We Witnessing Rapid Rise in NSE Share Price?

You are lucky to have come to the right place to learn the reasons for the rapid rise in the NSE share price so you can make a wise investment and include the most valid unlisted shares to diversify your portfolio. In less than a year, from May 2023 to April 2024, the NSE stock price has gone up from Rs. 3,400 to 4,800. The rapidly rising revenue, dividends, PBT, PAT, EBIT, EBITDA, etc., year on year because of the increasing trust in increasing the registered investors to over 9 crores could be the possible reasons.  

Let us check one by one of the many reasons in detail for the rapid rise in NSE stock price, buy it from the top broker, and make a wise and safe investment to yield high returns in the long and short term. 

Five reasons for the recent rapid rise in NSE share price

NSE, or the National Stock Exchange, not only revolutionized investing in stocks and others in India but also increased the trust among investors to raise the economy and even become a superpower soon. Until the 90s, only a few people in India knew that stocks were one of the best ways to invest and get high returns. NSEIndia utilized digitalization at an early stage during its formation in 1992 to make computerized trading from 1994 and dematerialize the shares with its subsidiary NSDL from 1996. These two revolutionary steps change the entire perception among investors to buy stocks in a transparent and paperless way to be safe, easy, and quick. In its over three-decade journey, NSE India is at the forefront of increasing investors to raise their wealth and live a prosperous life. Though NSE is the prominent exchange that lists thousands of big and small companies, it still needs to be listed because SEBI has not approved it. The following are a few reasons for the recent rapid rise in unlisted NSE share price to buy it from the top broker to yield high returns. 

  1. From Rs. 24.75 in FY 2021 to Rs. 40 dividends in FY 2022, NSE doubled its dividend in FY 2023 to Rs. 80 in 2023 and will give more in the future.
  2. Doubling the revenue from over 6,200 to 12 650 crore rupees from 2021 to 2023 because of diversifying its services to increase income apart from the vast transaction and depository charges
  3. Not only revenue, there is a doubling of others like EBITDA from 4,100 to 9,600, and profit after tax from 3,500 to 7,500
  4. The rapid rise in the registered investors of NSE increased over one crore in five months to now be beyond 9 crores to bring in more revenue 

5.     Reports about NSE India coming out with an IPO after fulfilling a few guidelines of SEBI within a year to list NSE share price in the exchanges in 2024 or 2025

The above facts and reasons will not only provide details for the rapid rise in the NSE share price in recent months but also convince you to buy it from the top broker to reap huge benefits. Stockify is a pioneering platform empowering investors to access unlisted shares of promising companies. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive research, Stockify facilitates secure and transparent transactions, ensuring a seamless investment experience. Dive into exclusive opportunities, leverage early entry into high-growth ventures, and expand your portfolio with Stockify, your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic world of investment.

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