Can Pests in Seattle Cause Damage to Property?

The general idea surrounding pests and the sheer hatred they command is two-fold. First – pests are an indication of illness and diseases. There’s a good chance that the typical insect like a cockroach or mosquito is carrying some nasty pathogens that you really do not want to infect you. This is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind – if there’s a pest, especially in the kitchen, there’s a good chance that the pest is going to infect food.

The second cause surrounding pests and their reputation is just how egregiously disgusting they are. Just thinking of a cockroach sends shivers down your spine. Rats, a line of ants, and even a mound made by a mole – all are immediately seen as nasty due to their presence. 

According to the experts at Seattle pest control, there’s another reason powering the sheer hatred of pests as a whole. Beyond the aesthetic concerns and the potential cocktail of pathogens, pests can also manage to cause significant structural damage to property. This arguably is a lesser-known side of pests, but quite evident in their functioning. These are creatures that exploit even the tiniest structural weaknesses and enter your property. Their daily functioning only makes the weaknesses severe, also resulting in brand-new potential methods of infestations.

It’s important that you have an understanding of such pests, and know the warning signs that come with them. Here is a deeper dive: 

1. Moles and Pocket Gophers – Damage to Lawns and Backyards

Moles and pocket gophers may seem harmless, but their underground activities can wreak havoc on lawns and backyards. These burrowing mammals create intricate tunnel systems as they search for food, causing unsightly mounds and uneven terrain. Additionally, their digging can damage root systems and compromise the structural integrity of garden beds and landscaping features.

2. Termites – Damage to Wooden Furnishings

Termites are infamous for their insatiable appetite for wood, making them a significant threat to wooden furnishings, structural timbers, and even paper products. These silent destroyers can cause extensive damage unnoticed, hollowing out support beams and compromising the stability of buildings. Without prompt intervention, termite infestations can lead to costly repairs and structural failures.

3. Ants – Attempts to Establish Colonies

While a single ant may seem inconsequential on its own, their collective efforts to establish colonies can result in significant property damage. Carpenter ants, in particular, are known for excavating galleries within wooden structures, weakening their integrity over time. Additionally, ants can cause damage to electrical wiring, insulation, and plumbing systems, leading to functional impairments and safety hazards.

Such severe problems require an equally strong response. If you see any of these pests roaming about, don’t wait. Pick up the phone and call up a professional immediately! Expert pest control services can completely negate any infestation, while also identifying any potential structural harm. Most importantly, any potential gaps that allow infestations are also fixed. Overall, this is an exercise in maintaining a healthy property – ensuring that value is maintained for a long time.

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