CSK Unlisted Share Price Gives Another Reason To CSK Fans To Cheer Up 

Cricket has a strong base among Indian citizens, as does its mega event, IPL (Indian Premier League). The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is the only cricket-based franchise in India in which unlisted shares could be traded. From investors to fans, everyone can have a stake in their favourite sports team. 

Founded in 2008, CSK has the best winning percentage among all the other teams present in the IPL. For years Super Kings is not only fans’ favourite but happens to be inventors’ favourite as well. Recent valuation showcased a 25% rise in CSK’s unlisted share in the primary market. Unlisted shares are a prominent part of the stock market as they offer better returns if left unaltered as a long-term investment. The CSK unlisted share price in India has soared in a couple of years and created a buzz among the trading community. 

Why Are People Interested In The Pre-IPO Stock Of CSK? 

The aftermath of the pandemic has caused a sudden surge in the investment culture through stock, securities, crypto etc. When every professional was working from home, they shifted their interests towards trading in pre-IPO shares and online investment. In order to learn more about investments, some individuals turned to unlisted shares brokers, while others started shortlisting to invest in unlisted companies. 

This accentuated people’s interest in their trusted partner or favourite company – CSK is one of them. This, in turn, resulted in the soaring of the CSK unlisted share price. Due to the successful record of winning IPL matches and consistently good performance, the franchise was appreciated by investors. Numbers suggest that the share price of Chennai Super King in 2020-21 was ₹160 to 165 apiece, and the prices have undeniably surged around ₹200 to 205 apiece after the year 2021. These numbers show that CSK fans are interested in trading with their favourite IPL franchise and expect preferable returns in the long term. 

Details of Unlisted Shares of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited

The total number of unlisted shares of Chennai Super Kings is said to be around 308 million, and about 5 to 7 per cent of them are in changing hands. Moreover, this franchise is not listed under NSE (National Stock Exchange) or BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), which means there are more chances of getting better returns in the near future.   

Total No. Of Shares Available 10,000 equity shares
Face Value₹0.10 per equity share
Lot size1,000 Equity shares
Current CSK Unlisted Share Price₹ 165 in Industry per Equity Share
PAN NumberAAFCC8730K

The unlisted shares or pre-IPO shares of Chennai super kings were allotted for trading once it demerged with its parent company – India Cement Limited. Speculations suggest that the company would soon get listed in the stock markets. However, the huge fan base and strong brand image of the unlisted share company worked well for pre-IPO stocks and trading. 

Why Did The CSK Unlisted Share Price Rise Before The IPL? 

For years investors have noticed a sudden increase in the sales and purchase of CSK shares before the starting of the new IPL season. The theory of unlisted shares also works on the basis of demand and supply. When the demand for franchises increases, people start buying pre-IPO stocks. Along with this, there is a change in the prices as the IPL is about to finish.   

The trading record of CSK stands best before and during the IPL. The purchasing of unlisted shares is very much dependent on the playoff rate of the team. If the team is doing well in the tournament, more individuals would contribute or take part in investing in the shares. However, if the company fails to leave an impact, there will definitely be a decrease in the share prices. Apart from these, the company is able to do good in the industry only because of a lack of competition and a versatile fan following. Demand generation, discussion over social media, etc., also plays an important role in managing the unlisted share price. 

Revenue Streams of Chennai Super Kings

The popular IPL franchisee, Chennai Super Kings, has a comprehensive revenue-earning model that comprises sponsorship, broadcasting, merchandise, and other right sources. Altogether, it generates high revenue for CSK and significantly uplifts the share prices in the market:

Sponsorships: The Board of Control for Cricket in India BCCI gets revenue from top brands to sponsor the game and, after deducting its share, distributes the remaining to IPL teams. It constitutes the second-largest income source for the CSK team.

Sale of Stadium Tickets: The revenue generated through stadium ticket sales is shared among BCCI, sponsor brands, and the IPL team. It comprises ticket prices, food stalls, and merchandise sales that scale up the amount of revenue. 

Media Rights: CSK earns high income through selling broadcasting rights to media like OTT platforms. It is one of CSK’s primary sources of revenue. 

Merchandise Sales: The popularity of legendary players like MS Dhoni creates a sharp demand for merchandise, which generates high revenue with brand partners, such as Coca-Cola, Sunfeast, and others. 

How To Buy The Unlisted Shares Of CSK? 

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